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How to Use
 pH Papers Testing  Saliva

How to
Test Urine pH

pH Balance
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Alkaline Saliva

Alkaline Urine

pH-ScaleHow To Test Urine pH with pH Papers:

When testing urine,  its best to test a couple hours before or after eating..

  Place a little urine in a clean dry small plastic cup by , placing the cup under urine flow a moment. ( Wear golves and throw away the cup and gloves, rather than washing after each test.)  

The pH Paper is dipped or brushed across the liqud, in thyhe cup,  breifly without drenching.

Compare the dampened pH Paper's color result within a minute, with the chart provided.

 pH levels below 6.5 is the degree of acidic stress and is an unhealthy level.
The ideal urine pH Level is  6.5
- 7.2 .

 A ph level above  7.2 for prolonged time is excessively alkaline and unhealthy.

( See Saying No to Cancer)

 Test and record your pH levels weekly. 

Testing  morning, and evening it will show the body's pH tendancy. Levels should be higher after eating, reflecting enough calcium and magnesium in the diet.

The healthy uring ph is not similar to blood ph. Ideal blood pH is 7.4. Healthy rine pH, 6.5-7.2,  reflects kidney and  colon health.


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